The de Clouet de Piettre coat of arms reads :

Le premier, d'Or à la Tour naturelle, fermée et maçonnée de sable
[The first, of gold with a natural tower, closed and lined with sand (gold is yellow and sand is black)]

Le second, d'Azur au Chêne d'Or, planté et buté du même
[The second, of blue with a golden oak, also planted in sand]

Le Troisième, d'azur au canon d'or
[The third, of blue with a golden cannon]

Le Quatrième, d'Or au lion de Carnation, armé et lampassé de gueules
[The fourth, of gold with a lion of human color, with claws and tongue red]

The family motto appearing on the banner is “Frangi potius quam flecti” which translates “Break rather than bend” and is mirrored by the oak in the coat.

The coat of arms depicted in the image belongs to the Louis Brognier de Clouet branch of the family. The crown is for the title of Comte de La Fernandina, awarded by the kings of Spain to Louis de Clouet, for the foundation of the city of Cienfuegos in Cuba. The Alexandre Joseph branch does not include the inescutcheon with the tent in the center nor does it include the crown.

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